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Sablime® Configuration Management System Overview

MR lifecycle
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Providing integrated change and version management for your software and documentation

The Sablime® Configuration Management System is a powerful and efficient tool that provides integrated version control and change management of your software artifacts such as source files and documentation. The Sablime® Configuration Management System, developed in Bell Labs, provides a proven solution with comprehensive configuration management to track changes to your software and documentation from origination through maintenance, delivery and support.

Sablime® is simple to learn and maintain, and is scalable for use with any size project. It incorporates an effective development process that balances the needs of managers, developers, testers, and integrators, and provides workflow management so these stakeholders are kept informed. Our state-of-the-art system provides tightly integrated version, configuration and change management to help you improve product quality and shorten your release cycles.

Distinctive Approach

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Sablime® builds its development process around the Modification Request (MR). Team members or customers propose changes by creating an MR. When MRs are reviewed they can be deferred, killed, assigned for study or accepted for implementation in one or more generics (codelines). MRs are the unit of change control. Sablime® tracks what changes are made with each MR, and ensures these changes are delivered together to integration. Integrators assemble versions of the product based on what MRs or MR states to include.

Each MR is assigned to one or more project members with appropriate priority and due date. If an MR requires extensive effort or spans several areas of responsibility, it can be subdivided into smaller requests and independently assigned, tracked and managed in different generics.

Sablime® allows customization of the number of test levels and membership of test teams. As an MR passes through its life cycle, appropriate project members are notified of events via email. This communication promotes clear responsibility and prompt, timely actions. At every stage, Sablime® keeps track of who, when, and why each action was taken.