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Sablime® Newsletters

August, 2005
V6.1, Update 1 & sfw1.1, Update 1: File Attachments; MyMRs Customizations; Documentation; Bug Fixes.
Issues and Workarounds from the Help Desk
Platform Support
April 18, 2003
Contents: Concurrent Sablime® v6.1, Sablime® v6.0 Update 2 - Sablime® integration with Microsoft Excel, Enhanced getversion command, Enhanced Web Sablime® MR Details page, Supporting new browsers and Mailing List.
July 19, 2001
Contents: Concurrent Sablime®, Sablime® v5.2 Update 3, Process Breakdown, Customer Conference, X Sablime® support ends in v6.0, The State of Sablime®, Known Issues and Mailing List.
Sept. 7, 2000
Contents: User Survey - Statistics Suggestions Sablime® Response, PC Sablime® in v5.2 and Sablime® v5.2 Update 1.
June 30, 2000
Contents: Sablime® release v5.2, Web Sablime® - builder, Sablime® v5.1 - Patch 02, Sablime® v5.0 - Patch 07, New Communications Model, New Release Strategy and New helpdesk.