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Sablime® and Nokia nmake Technical Support Policy

For Sablime® and Nokia nmake customers whose license agreement includes maintenance, Nokia provides technical support according to the following policy:

For the current and previous point release[1], technical support includes email helpdesk support[2], web-based resources, and best-effort analysis, repair, or workaround for bugs.

Depending on the nature of the problem, repairs or workarounds may be supplied as part of a customized distribution; as a patch or update to the version in use by the customer; or as a patch or update to the current or future version. The mode of distribution is at Nokia's discretion, in consultation with the affected customer.

Technical support also includes free upgrades whenever new releases - even major feature releases - are made available.

For earlier releases, we will continue to provide email helpdesk support, and some analysis of customer issues. Bug fixes will not be provided for these older versions, especially for those issues fixed in more current releases. Customers will be advised to upgrade to a more current release in order to become eligible for these repairs. These upgrades are free.

Sablime® and Nokia nmake are distributed on a specific set of "platforms" as defined on their product web pages[3] and release notes. The release version notwithstanding, technical support is only assured for those platforms designated as tier 1, 2, or 3.

Nokia reserves the right to change the tier designations and/or this support policy at any time.

Nokia also reserves the right to refuse support to customers who Nokia believes are in violation of the product license agreements, or whose licenses are expired.

Lastly, please note that this is a general statement of support policy and intent. Nothing here should be interpreted as overriding the terms or limitations of the product license agreements, or other contractual arrangements between Nokia and its customers.

[1] Point Release: A release where the version number changes. Releases designated as updates or patches or with an update or patch suffix (e.g. "u1" or "p3") are not considered point releases. For support policy purposes, updates and patches are considered part of the associated Point Release.

[2] Email helpdesk support (, ) is provided during normal business hours (US, Eastern Time). Out of hours support is common, but not assured.

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